World Homeless Day of Action 2017 – RTE News2Day report live from Glencullen

RTE News2Day report live from Glencullen

World Homeless Day took place on October 10th. Our school held a day of action where all the children got involved in increasing awareness about the value of our homes to us and the issues surrounding homelessness.

Our Junior pupils thought a lot about our lovely homes & how lucky we are to have them. They created paper houses, chalk drawings and coloured pictures. The built lego houses and re-enacted Goldilocks & the Three Bears. 1st class examined all the materials needed to build a house while 2nd class created a street of homes.


Our Senior pupils took the time to investigate the issue of homelessness in Ireland. This included examining our own homes in comparison to homes around the world, writing poems about our homes, examining homelessness in Dublin and our locality and discussing stereotypes. We have written to the President, Taoiseach and various Ministers urging action to combat homelessness. 6th class built a shelter outside to raise awareness of the issues rough sleepers face. Maria Bailey Ryan TD will speak to 5th & 6th class on Friday about the work of the Oireachtas Housing Committee. I’m sure our pupils will have lots of suggestions for the government.




Finally our Student Council launched a Scarf Appeal asking all in our community to donate one new scarf. We plan to give all of these scarves to the WH Five Loaves Shelter in Bray. Already the box is filled to the brim. Anyone wishing to give a donation can drop their scarves into the foyer.

RTE News2Day heard about our day of action and came to our school to report on it. Reporter Tommy Meskill interviewed lots of children across the school and the news crew filmed our scarf collection, outdoor shelter & activities in the class. The full report will be shown on Wednesday 11th October. You can find a link to this here.




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