The advent of the information technological era has opened our little school on the side of the Dublin Mountains to the four corners of the world. All classes are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, computers, printers, the internet and digital material allowing for education to be an everyday journey of knowledge and excitement.


Interactive whiteboards are the latest technology advancement for the classroom. Currently we have interactive whiteboards in all of our classrooms and although technology does not replace effective teaching, it can provide exciting and engaging new ways to learn and explore. Different learning styles, including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, can also be accommodated as teachers use a variety of resources to suit individual needs. An interactive whiteboard is a major investment for any school and thanks to the generosity and hard work of our parents, we are delighted that all our pupils have the opportunity to engage with this interactive modern technology.


Each teacher is currently equipped with a teaching laptop, funded by the National ICT grant by the Department of Education and Skills. We have also purchased a further 16 laptops for use by our Senior pupils (3rd-6th class). This allows pupils to develop personal digital & technological skills while also integrating this technological tool with every aspect of the curriculum.

Desktop PCs

Every class has a number of desktop PCs. The Junior classes have 4 PCs which are used for accessing information, interacting with educational software and developing basic computer & typing skills.


Digital Cameras

Currently every class has a digital camera for use by the children and teacher. Not only is this a great tool for recording activities, experiments, pupil work and events but senior children create their own storyboards & power point presentations using these digital photos. We encourage our pupils to participate in school and national photography competitions such as ‘Capture the Power’.

Internet Safety & Acceptable Use policy

Every year, Internet Safety courses are offered to parents by the NPC facilitators and Microsoft. Internet Safety courses are also provided to pupils in 4th, 5th & 6th class by experienced trainers. All pupils and parents are asked to sign our Acceptable Use Policy on enrolment. A copy of this can be found in our policy section.

 Developing an IT curriculum

 We are currently in the stages of developing a specific IT curriculum for our school whereby pupils from Junior Infants up to 6th class will learn specific IT skills that will assist them in the 21st century workplace. While creativity, innovation & entrepreneurial skills are essential to the smart economy, a baseline of IT skills will make this growth & development easily achievable.

Fun websites and links

Ms. Mulvey has collated a number of fun websites for all ages which can be used at home for extra skills development or simply to have some fun!!  Please see the Students section of our website.