We here at St. Patricks’ N.S. Glencullen have been working towards our Active Schools Flag  since last school year. We have implemented a number of new initiatives within the school since then.We regard participation in sport and getting active as highly valuable. It not only promotes physical development and well-being, but also helps each student’s social integration whilst developing qualities of endurance, reliability, co-operation and leadership.

In order to be awarded our Active School flag we are aiming to ensure that we:

  • Adhere to DES Guidelines regarding PE timetable provision for all students.
  • Teach a broad and balanced PE curriculum.
  • Inform and invite the whole school community to participate in the ASF process.
  • Self-evaluate current provision in terms of P.E, Physical Activity and Community Links.
  • Plan and implement improvements for each of the aforementioned areas.
  • Organise an ‘Active School Week’ as part of the annual school calendar.
  • See http://www.activeschoolflag.ie/ for more information regarding the Active School Flag process.

Meet our Active school committee!

The committee helps us promote activity throughout the school. They also help ensure we keep our P.E. equipment tidy and in its proper place in the store room by carrying out weekly checks. They also welcome all our active visitors to our school.

Our Active School Committee carries out an inspection of new sports equipment and lists the items before deciding where they should go in our PE store room.



Coaches from different locals clubs provided children with an opportunity to try out new games throughout the year including coaches from Star of Erin GAA Club, De La Salle Rugby Football Club, DSD Athletics Club, Olypmian Gymnastics School, Meadowbrook Swimming Pool and Netball Ireland. The school entered teams into both Gaelic Football and Hurling competitions for Cumann Na mBunscol – reaching the finals in Croke Park for Gaelic football, an event which was attended by the whole school.

Below are some of the organisations and agencies we work with throughout the school year part of the Active Schools initiative.


Yard activities and equipment are rotated each month to allow all children to try different games and activities in a non-competitive environment. Older students help to mentor and coach younger children on how to play new yard games. Every class has had football one day a week and the class that demonstrates the best teamwork and good behaviour throughout the week earns an extra day of football on Wednesdays.

New yard markings were put down in both Junior and Senior yard at the beginning of last year. Games are organised around these markings such as hopscotch, target practice with bean bags, four square etc.

Read what one of our students had to say about the different games in the yard:

On yard every month we have a new game or activity.

We started this in December and January with Ping Pong; Ping Pong is a game with a basket ball and two boxes. You have someone beside you who is your partner and you have to hit the ball in the other team’s box and if it hits their box and goes out they’re out. You get a point and its first to 3 wins. (Winner stays on.) People really enjoyed it.

In February we played capture the flag where you had to sneak onto the other teams side and grab the flag, but if you get caught you’re a prisoner.

In March we had dodge ball. I think lots of people enjoyed it.

During the month of April we played Boombah. This is a game where you have someone in the middle of a circle and you throw the ball around the circle. Whoever is holding the ball when ‘Boombah’ is called has to sit down.

In May we played with skipping ropes and hoops. Everyone loved both these activities.

This month we have 4 Square using tennis rackets. It’s extremely fun. Bulldog is another option that we can play.

Everyday each class has a football day. On Wednesday, the best behaved class on yard that week gets an extra day of football.

And that’s our outdoor games!

                                                                                                By Jack Keane    

Our Active School’s Notice Board:

This notice board helps highlight all the different activities taking place in our school as well as what kind of activities our students are taking part in outside of school.

Daily Mile:

All classes from Junior infants to 6th class participated in the “Daily Mile” – January to April 2017. It was 15 minutes non-competitive running every day.

This culminated with all classes taking part in a Fun Run Mile at the Stars of Erin GAA pitch during active school week.

Non competitive active homework was also introduced from January.


Read what some of our student’s thought about the Daily Mile.

We all love our daily mile because it is great exercise. We started the Daily Mile at the start of the year. At first we started at 5 minutes then we built it up to 10 minutes then we built it up to 15 minutes.

We got used to the 15 minute run after around 5-10 days. 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 5 th and 6 th class do the daily mile. It is good because we get time off work and when we come in our mind is fresh and we have had some exercise.

We do the daily mile for our active flag. When we all got used to the 15 minute run our teacher brought in the pedometer. The pedometer tells us how far we run and how many steps we take each day. Then our teacher would write up how far we ran. She would also take the temperature to see how cold it is.

We found out that it is easier to do the run in the morning rather than the afternoon and it is easier to run when it is about medium temperature not too hot and not too cold.

By Ciara and Nathan

Active Week 

This years active week was our biggest Active Week to date! Children had an opportunity to try out lots of new activities as well as some old favourites! The St Patrick’s Olympics Junior and Senior took place once again. All students were divided into teams of four from different class levels and participated in a team Olympic tournament throughout the week with different athletic activities and games taking place each day, Mediation in school Hall at break time, Netball Blitz for 5th and 6th class, GAA for all classes, Athletics for all classes. A Fun Mile Run took place at the Stars of Erin GAA pitch. Zumba classes took place in the yard for both Junior and Senior classes. Special Active homework was assigned for the week. On Tuesday there was a Water Challenge (making a special effort drink water throughout the school day), on Wednesday there was a fruit challenge (try to eat 2 pieces of fruit as part of your school lunch) and on Thursday there was an extra Healthy Lunch Day.