You should ensure that your child is as independent as possible – physically, emotionally and socially. If pupils can look after these areas they will feel secure and confident and settle in readily.  Also, please encourage personal hygiene and cleanliness. Your child should know how to flush the toilet and wash hands, without having to be told.

It would help greatly if your child is able to;

  • Button and unbutton his/her coat and hang it up
  • Use the toilet without help
  • Use a tissue when necessary
  • Share toys and playthings with others and take turns
  • Tidy up and put away playthings
  • Remain contentedly for a few hours in the home of a relation, friend or neighbour –  If children have had this experience, then separation from parents when they start school will not cause any great anxiety
  • Tie own shoes – ‘Velcro’ shoes are probably best as Junior Infants usually cannot manage laces