St. Patrick’s N.S. is a seven teacher school, situated in Glencullen (Gleann Cuilinn- The valley of the holly) about eleven miles from O’Connell’s Bridge. There has been a long tradition of schooling in the Glencullen area, from Hedge Schools during Penal Times, the Old Glencullen National School, which was founded in 1833 with the help of Daniel O’Connell MP and was the first school instituted in the Sandyford area, to our current school which was completed in 1947.

Glencullen National School was the first national school to be instituted in the Sandyford area after the establishment of the National Board in 1831. The initial application for this school was made on 31.05.1883 by Fr. Smyth P.P.  Sandyford.  In this application Fr. Smyth outlined that a school already existed prior to this. This school was open from 10.00a.m. to 3.00p.m. every day except Sunday. The first teacher to be appointed to this new school was Tim O’Driscoll and his salary of £10.00 was provided by the National Board. During the 1840’s a second school was established for girls and infants.

In 1944 on the recommendation of the O.P.W. a grant of £2,685 12s was provided for the building of a new school. This school was officially opened on 11th June 1947. Glencullen N.S. was to remain a two teacher school throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century.

In 2001 a third teacher was appointed and a temporary classroom was added. Due to the dedication, commitment, and hard work of the then principal, Colm O’ Connor, the Board of Management, the teachers, staff and parents, the project for the new school began.

Our new school was officially opened in September 2005 by the late Seamus Brennan T.D. The new building incorporates the original two classrooms (built in 1947), five classrooms, a large general purpose hall, purpose built play areas, a wonderful school garden and an outdoor classroom, all of which the children,  parents, teachers and staff are extremely proud.

In 2008 Kathleen Byrne replaced Colm O Connor as Principal. The following year a 6th prefabricated classroom was added to our school followed by a 7th room in 2013. In 2013 the 3 more permanent classrooms were built. Katleen Byrne was subsequently replaced by Sibeal Quigley as principal in 2019.

In 2022 the school opened a ASD classroom “LE Cheile” and welcomed a new principal Ed Bourke. The school population is now in excess of 170 pupils and a teaching staff of 11 teachers and 6 SNA’s.

Many of our pupils follow in the footsteps of their parents, grandparents and great grandparents as they continue a long tradition of excellence in education at St. Patrick’s N.S.