3rd Class Update 16 October

We’ve had a very busy fortnight in Third Class. Last week we had a coding workshop with Mary Jo Bell and we learned all about coding ‘Beebots’ and making them travel in specific directions to create shapes, move up and down number ladders, and ‘ rescuing while avoiding the dragon’! It was great fun.


We were learning about Homes and homelessness and instead of usual homework we got to design and build models of ‘homes of the future’ and ‘Our Favourite Room’. We also wrote poems about Home- what it means to us. RTE News2day filmed our work for ‘World Homelessness Day’. We also got to see inside the shelter that 6thclass had built.



We collected leaves from the ground on Friday and Ms. Quigley showed us how to press them. We are going to use them to create works of art next week!


We are very proud of Aidan who won DLRDCC inclusion drawing competition

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