Maths Week

There was great excitement in our school during Maths Week in October. Every year the pupils take part in fun maths activities during maths week. This year we had lots of great activities. The infants explored shape and had great fun making 2-D shapes out of lollipop sticks. A maths trail was put up around the school for all pupils and students had to use all their maths skills to solve it. First and second classes enjoyed the trail and making their own clocks. The senior end of the school worked on a project designing a bedroom for Jedward, which included measurements and cost estimates!!

We’ll be counting down the days to next year’s maths week…

World Maths Day

World Maths day is celebrated each year on the 1st March. On this day children participate in a  global mathematics competition on Our bright mathematicians love interacting with pupils from around Ireland and other countries.

Discover Primary Science

As part of our efforts to achieve the Award for Science Excellence, we annually participate in the Discover Primary Science programme. Over the last two years, a mathematical element has entered the programme focusing on Shape & Space, Data, Measurement, Algebra and Number. Through a variety of fun science experiments, pupils investigate and learn core mathematical concepts.