A child’s first day at school is a day to remember for the rest of his/her life.  These are some tips so you can help to make it a really happy one.

  • Tell your child about school beforehand, casually, and talk about it as a happy place where there will be a big welcome and where they will meet new friends.
  • Please do not use the school or the teacher as a threat – it can make some children very apprehensive.
  • Your child will like to have the new uniform or tracksuit and a new bag when school begins. These help him/her identify more readily with the school and other children.
  • Your child’s books will be taken up on the first day of school and the teacher will hold on to them until such time as they are needed – this minimises books getting lost.  Please have your child warned of this fact, in case they think they will never see the books again!
  • All books/copies must be marked with your child’s name and readers must be covered.
  • Your child will feel important if he/she has something in their school bag, so perhaps you could buy an extra copy or colouring book which could be used at home.