Science Week

Mr. Coughlan’s 5th /6th Class did an experiment to make a chemical reaction with different types of vinegars and baking sodas.

The malt vinegar worked best so we used that in another experiment!

The next day we did another experiment. We tried to make a gas by using two chemicals. We used a bottle and a balloon. We wanted the balloon to inflate and it did. After the balloon inflated we took a step further.

We had a bottle, baking powder, malt vinegar (more of because it ran out with the past 2 experiments!) and a cork. We put some (lots of) baking powder in the bottle and took it outside. When we got outside we put lots of vinegar in quickly and put the cork in. After a little bit of trial and error we finally got it and the cork shot out of the bottle!       By: Paddy and Ruby

5th and 6th Class Science Experiment
5th and 6th Class Science Experiment
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