In 2014 4th, 5th and 6th classes took part in a NANO SCIENCE Programme It was very interesting to learn about NANO SCIENCE. Here is some of the stuff we learned.


We learned the graphite is the lead of our pencil. When it touches paper it starts to wear out. It’s the strongest material at nano level.


A month back we designed our own things using NANO SCIENCE on a A3 piece of paper. My friend and I were on a team. We designed a new mountain bike. It took us a while to design it. We entered a Nano Science competition. Whoever wins with a partner will get €200 worth of I-tunes credit. But if you were on your own and you win you shall get beats by DR. Drae. I can’t wait to see if we have won.


Thanks for reading.

By Aaron MulveyJ 5th class