Nano Science

We first heard about Nano science at the start of this year when Ms.Quigley and Ms. Byrne showed a powerpoint about Nano science to us. They talked about who discovered Graphene, what Graphene is capable of, and what Nano means.


So what is Nano science?

Nano science is the study of structures and materials on the scale of nanometers. So we could learn more Nano science they asked us to do a Nano project. We were asked to design a Nanowow. A Nanowow is an idea made up of Graphene and Nano science for example: Shoes that can run really fast thanks to Nano science.


How did we do it: 


We took something small like a t-shirt and thought about how we could use Nano science to make it better.

For example: a t-shirt with an ipad on it, a t-shirt with a hologram on it and a t-shirt that relieves back pain.

nano4 nano3