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October of 2021- Two Months In!


Its’s hard to believe that we are already two months into the year and it is nearly Hallowe’en! We have our decorations up in our class, the skeleton bunting under the whiteboard, the black and orange tinsel around the library and the little pumpkin on our teacher’s desk. Everyone is so excited for Hallowe’en and we are all dressing up as different thing.


In Irish we moved on from “Mé Féin” and started learning about “Bia”. At first, we did only oral work and slowly moved to book work and oral work. To help us get an understanding of the words, our teacher organised a Friday where we turn our classroom into………a restaurant! There were three “freastálaí”, one “banisteoir”, one “cócaire” and the rest were “custaiméiraí”. Everyone cooked food at home and we ate in while speaking “as Gaelige”. We ate rice, pastries, pizza, banoffee, spice bag, orange juice, Doritos, shortbread and chocolate biscuit cake! Yum!


In English we are reading the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. “Wonder” is about this kid named August, who was born with a birth defect and has a different face due to genetic bad luck. The book has different chapters and each chapter is based on a different person’s perspective on August and their life. August also features himself in three chapters from his perspective. I would really recommend this book and it’s so heart-warming!


Happy Maths Week to you! We have tried some environmentally friendly sums that have taught us true facts about our environment. Did you know that a lot of people on average leave their console on sleep for 16 hours?! This wastes a lot of power and damages our planet. Save the Earth!


As for the rest of our subjects, we have been busy with Hallowe’en themed things. For example, our art this week was scary Hallowe’en cartoon characters. We based our art of a cartoonist’s unique way of illustrating. The character’s features included a long neck, huge eyes and lots of shading. 6th class used charcoal for shading and for extra effect on the eyes, we used white charcoal to make them stand out more. They are very terrifying……….


Aside from all our exciting work, our school has introduced Minecraft. Every week we have a new challenge and it’s all educational based. Like for this week we are building Mars Rovers and we learned all about the new Mars Rover “Persistence” and it inspired us to help build our own. We have wheels, cameras, pods and hover transporters. PE was different this month too. Instead of playing running games, we made up our own games. It was very fun and everyone had well thought out games that featured balls, hockey sticks, hurdles and skate boards.  


Finally, last but not least, it is Black History Month. It is very important to celebrate this month because white people were very racist towards black people. To remember this month, 6th class are making projects to remember great black people in history who changed the world. We also learned about Amada Gorman who wrote a poem at the Joe Biden’s presidential initiation.


We have had a very busy month and 6th class are looking forward to our midterm break. Stay Safe and Happy Hallowe’en!

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