Irish Aid Projects – Our Song: Global Goals By Kelli-Ann, Rachel, Ruby, Luisa and Erin

We came up with the idea to recreate this song so children can learn about the Global Goals and what Irish Aid does to help our partner countries. We did it in a fun way so they can take it all in instead of almost dozing off when having to listen to a teacher talking about it for ages. We created this song as a group of five girls called Erin, Ruby, Luisa, Kelli Ann and Rachel. Together we put lyrics to the song Sugar by Maroon 5. This song is very catchy, I’m sure you’ll find it very catchy too. We had lots of fun coming up with lyrics but it still was very hard though. It was tough coming up with lyrics at the end to try fit it in and not sound strange!!! This song is based on the 17 Global Goals that we have to complete my 2030!!! By the end of this song we hope you know more about The Goals. Hope you enjoy the song J

You can listen to our song here and read the lyrics too

By Kelli-Ann, Rachel, Ruby, Luisa and Erin

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