Irish Aid Awards – By Romy Featherstone 5th class

This year 5th class are taking part in the Irish Aid awards. This year‘s theme is ‘For People and Planet’. Our class has begun preparing by researching the theme and examining the lives of people in the partner countries such as Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda and more.

We have begun researching the Global Goals as none of us knew what they are. We realise how important they are as our actions affect other people in the world. For example, turning off a light when you leave the room or using a lamp instead of the main light, can reduce our use of fossil fuels. There’s only a limited amount of fossil fuels in the world so we must take care not to waste them. Now the world is more dependent on technology, we must teach younger children that it’s not unlimited so turn off your tablets, computers, phones and ipods when you’re not using them.

Yesterday we sent a survey around to all classes and to all staff. We were surprised that so few people knew what the Global Goals were. So we decided we needed to communicate them to everyone. We drew chalk symbols for the Global Goals on the courtyard so that all the children and all the parents would read them. And it went really well, because we saw lots of people talking about them.

So our next step is to plan our project. One idea we have is to create a movie. Another is to write a song. Some people are creating information slide shows on powerpoint and some are writing poems.

Watch this space for information about the Global Goals and our Irish Aid project!

By Romy Featherstone 5th class

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