Green Schools – By Mark Grenham 4th class


This year we are working towards our seventh Green Flag ‘Global Energy’. Our green schools committee have been very busy organising events, completing spot checks and guiding the rest of the school to be greener in our energy use.

Congratulations to Ms. Quigley’s class who won the Greenest Class of the Month for January. There will be a winner every month so let’s turn off those lights, computers and taps when we leave the classroom. Our caretaker Denis is giving out bonus points for clean floors!

Congratulations to Ben Fitzsimon from 3rd class who won The Green Schools Code competition with ‘Be Green to Stay Clean and Save Energy’. Watch out around the school for Ben’s message.

Our committee is currently tracking our energy usage across the school with Eve and Simon taking a meter reading every morning and evening. Felix and Sinead are checking the temperatures of each class every week. Jack and Luisa took an energy survey with 1st-6th class and we hope to see big changes as the year progresses.

3rd class are doing a great job as litter wardens while 6th class are collecting the compost every day! Parents can help to by dropping in their old batteries, stamps and newspapers for us to recycle.

This Wednesday will be another Energy Elimination Day! In the past we have turned off lights and heating. This month we are turning off the photocopier to measure our energy use here. Teachers be warned!! Maybe you could try this at home!

So remember everyone, ‘Be Green to Stay Clean and Save Energy’! 

By Mark Grenham 4th class


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