Homework Survey Results

At St. Patrick’s NS we are continuously reviewing and evaluating our educational practice. This year, we examined homework in our school and we welcomed the views of parents, staff and students on our homework practice. A survey was emailed to all parents in February while pupils from 3rd to 6th class completed a questionnaire. We have included the graphed data here on our website for parents to view.
Following from our analysis of this data, we are now undertaking a 5 week pilot programme for homework whereby pupils will have structured homework 3 days a week and on the fourth day parents & pupils together can choose from a list of activities recommended by all stakeholders. These activities are to facilitate incorporation of family time and to assist families with multiple siblings.It also allows parents & pupils together to decide how to structure their own learning at home in a individualised, differentiated manner.
At the end of the 5 weeks, each child returns the list signed by both parent and pupil. They can tick the activities they have completed over the 5 weeks. We will then seek feedback from pupils, parents & staff on the success of the pilot programme. 
We look forward to hearing how this innovative project goes for families at home.
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