Everyone knows what teachers are, it’s in the name, they teach! But that’s actually not all
they do, they do so much more, in fact a teacher has more than just one job.
They are a nurse, a mathematician and a peace maker. Because they have such a big job they have to have at least one day to celebrate themselves for their greatness. And that’s why we have World Teachers Day on the 5th of October!


5th and 6th class decided they wanted to surprise all the teachers and
staff in St. Patricks School, with Ms Byrne’s help of course. They had to keep it a secret from the rest of the teachers and some of the little children in case they told (which wasn’t easy). 5th and 6th both came up with great ideas to surprise the teachers and thank them for all they have done. They had so many ideas but couldn’t use them all, considering they had so little time. But they finally narrowed it down to a big banner, metaphorical
gifts, a thank you song, flowers’, cards and some chocolate. 5th and 6th class were going to present them all at an assembly in the hall. There were some minor problems like getting people to sign cards, trying to get everything into the hall and getting some of the smaller children to give the flowers and cards out to the teachers.

When the big day came, we all had the assembly after lunch. And when the teachers came in all the children clapped and screamed. Niall and Joe were our Masters of Ceremony and got the show on the road!

Firstly we showed the teachers the banner we made for them.

Secondly Kate and Freya held up objects to remind the teachers of what their role involves such as such as a toothpick “to pick out all our good qualities”, a balloon “full of kind words and gentleness” and a paperclip “to hold it altogether!”.

Thirdly, we got all the children to come up and give the teachers their cards and flowers.

Then we gave the teachers their chocolate, and they were over the moon.

But no good deed goes unnoticed, so since Ms Byrne’s 5th and 6th arranged the whole thing they all got small chocolate bars. It was a great day and I hope we can do it again next year.
BY: Rachel O’ Neill

6th class