World Book Day 2017 & Write a Book Competition

All the classes had great fun celebrating ‘World Book Day’ all week culminating with a ‘World Book Day’ table quiz with 20 teams made up from members of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class. The winners were delighted with their book token prizes.
WBD_Table quiz_winners2 WBD_Table quiz_winners WBD_Table quiz_winners_3rd place WBD_Table quiz_more winners WBD_Table quiz_4 WBD_Table quiz_3 WBD_Table quiz_2 WBD_Table quiz_1
The classes also took part in Paired Reading and Shared Reading. The younger classes really enjoyed hearing stories from the older children. It really brought the joy of reading to life.
 WBD_Shared reading_6 WBD_Shared reading_5 WBD_Shared reading_4th class WBD_Shared reading_4 WBD_Shared reading_3 WBD_Shared reading_2 WBD_Shared reading_1 WBD paired reading 7 WBD paired reading 6 WBD paired reading 5 WBD paired reading 4 WBD paired reading 3 WBD paired reading 2 WBD paired reading 1 World Book Day in class Avid Readers_World Book Day World Book Day
Ms. Byrne also  presented  our ‘Write a Book’ authors with their awards and the authors got to read their books to children from all the other classes. A huge congratulations to all our authors.
6th class winners   4th class winners
3rd class winners   2nd class winners
6th class Write a book   Write a book winners
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