The day Sam Maguire Visited our School

On Wednesday the 29th of February 2012, the Sam Maguire cup came to our
school. David Gill (our G.A.A coach) brought in the cup at 9:30 and Craig Dias,
a Dublin player arrived too. At 9:40 the whole school made their way down to
the Rachel Murphy Hall.  When we arrived, David, Jason Sinclair (Stars of Erin),
Craig, Betty’s sons Brian and Séan and more parents were taking pictures of the
trophy. When all of the children were quiet Ms Byrne introduced Craig.

Then we asked him questions such as:

QUESTION:  What position do you play?

ANSWER: I can play any really!!

QUESTION: What number do you wear?

ANSWER: I have lots of numbers but the last was number 7.

QUESTION: How did it feel to win?

ANSWER: Unbelievable and so amazing, I will never forget it!!

QUESTION: How old are you?

ANSWER: Ha ha!! I am 21!!

After that Ms Byrne showed us a photo. It was taken in the school when Dublin won the
trophy last. Séan and Brian (Betty’s sons) were in the photo too! They were only 6 years old. Then Ms Byrne took a photo with the whole school and Craig. After, we compared the two. In the photo from 1995 there, was only 20-30 people in the whole school and in 2012
there was around 150+ people in the whole school. After that every class got a picture with the cup and Craig. Other people got autographs on paper and jerseys from Craig too.

Thank you so much Craig and David and everyone else involved with making the Sam Maguire come to our school!!!

By Eilis Keane

6th Class.