Senior Infants News

We have been talking about Bia as Gaeilge. We are learning how to say what we like and don’t like to eat and drink, what food is in our lunchbox and the magic words as Gaeilge for please and thank you. We have been learning the rhyme ‘An maith leat cáis?’ We love to play Éist agus Tarraing.
We have been busy creating art – we painted beautiful Autumn trees in a Kandinsky style. We painted blue and purple skies and we used oil pastels to draw tree trunks and branches. Finally we cut out circle in different sizes and colours and stacked the circles as leaves. At Halloween, we painted and designed masks using craft material. Most recently we constructed self portraits from clay which was so much fun!
In SESE, we have been exploring houses and homes. We are learning to identify different styles of homes e.g. semi-detached, terraced, bungalow. We are thinking about what style of homes we might see in our own locality and we drew very detailed drawings of our own homes – writing our own labels for different rooms and appliances! We are comparing our own homes to those that our parents or grandparents lived in. We are discussing what has stayed the same and what has changed. We will interview our parents to find out more! We are beginning to look at electricity – where it comes from and staying safe around electricity. What uses electricity in our home? What could we not do if we had no electricity? We will take our Winter walk up to the garden soon to look for signs of winter!
We are becoming so independent in our reading groups and we are solving lots of reading puzzles with our friends. We are reading books together and we are even learning new Senior Infant sounds and tricky words
In Maths, we are partitioning sets 0-6 and writing addition number sentences to match. We are perfecting writing numerals 0-10 on our whiteboards. We love to use maths toys to create number stories and play with number fans. We also enjoy creating 2, 3 or 4 part patterns and describing how many sides and corners 2D shapes have
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