Senior Infants News

Senior Infants have been very busy this term! We have been listening to the old Irish tale the Children of Lir and creating story maps to retell the story to our partners. We have been brainstorming all the ways that we use water and how water is used in our house. We created a rain gauge to collect water outside and we have been measuring how much water is falling. It made us think about ways we can save water. What would a day without water be like? We have been exploring what seeds need to grow and the lifecycle of a sunflower. We planted sunflowers in little pots and we are watching them grow. We also planted butter bean seeds in clear bags to see what would happen!

We explored colours and patterns on sunflowers by looking at them close up. We painted beautiful sunflowers – starting with a dark seed centre and using our fingers to make longer marks outwards to a yellow edge. We also learned a little about what fossils are and we decided to create our own ‘nature’ fossils in clay using materials we found in the garden!

In Maths we have been exploring coins and money! We have also been learning how to estimate and measure the length of some of the items we might find in our pencil case using cubes! In Gaeilge, we have been exploring some of the rooms of the house ‘Sa Bhaile’ and we have been discussing the food pyramid and healthy eating too. We wrote instructions on how to make a healthy smoothie – yum! Lots of reading and literacy games going on too! We are a busy bunch!

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