Introductory Statement

policy is a review of our current Policy on After-schools activities which was
first drawn up in 2009. This policy was reviewed by the Board of Management in May 2013 and it will be
circulated to those using school premises now and in the future.




This document has been drawn-up
as a response to the growth in demand to using the school building. It further
develops previous policy in this area and takes account of the provisions in
other policies including;

  • Child
  • Health
    & Safety
  • Critical


and Protocol:

If you wish to hire the hall/ classroom, please note the following;

  • Business/Profit
    Organisations: €15 per hour
  • Non
    Profit Organisations/Community meetings: €10
    per hour


note that payment must be made in advance of the school term for the days and
hours the premises are being hired

  1. Read the accompanying guidelines
    (appendix A)  for groups/individuals
    using school premises.
  2. Read the Child Protection Guidelines
    (appendix B) , Health & Safety Policy (available on our website or on
    request) & Critical Incident Policy (available on our website or on
  3. Return the form (appendix C)  to the office.
  4. Attach your Public Liability Insurance
  5. Attach a copy of your Garda Clearance to
    your request to the Board of Management. If you have previously completed Garda
    Clearance for St. Patrick’s NS, please tick the appropriate box.



Appendix A

Guidelines for Use of School Premises

Including the Rachel Murphy Hall and/or classrooms


Please note the following;

  • Any
    organisation/individual wishing to use the hall or classrooms, needs to put
    their request in writing to the Board of Management outlining activity, times,
    dates and who will be attending.
  • If
    the organisation/individual needs to change dates or arrange extra dates for
    use of school premises or need to use extra rooms in the school, the request
    needs to be put in writing to the Board of Management.
  • No
    meeting can take place without the knowledge and approval of the Principal.
  • Any activities that involve children
    will need to adhere to the Child Protection Guidelines and all trainers have
    documentation of their Garda Clearance
  • All
    correspondence is between the class tutor and the parents, not the school.
    Therefore ensure you have an appropriate & updated database of your clients
    as the Office cannot give out parent phone numbers under Data Protection
  • If a
    class needs to be cancelled, it is up to the organisation/individual to contact
    the parents of each child within that class.
  • All
    activities or events taking place in the hall will need to produce original
    evidence of adequate insurance.
  • All
    property and equipment belonging to the school is treated with respect and left
    as found.
  • All
    classrooms are to be treated with respect and left as found.
  • All
    property or equipment belonging to the organisation or individual is to be
    removed from the premises at the end of each class.
  • Rubber
    sole shoes to be used for any physical activities taking place in the hall.
  • Any
    litter or rubbish is to be removed as we are a Green School.
  • Any
    problems or breakages are to be reported immediately to the School Caretaker or
    School Secretary
  • Lights,
    heat or any kitchen equipment to be turned off if not required.
  • A
    First Aid kit is placed in the Servery of the Hall for emergencies. All
    organisations should have their own procedures for managing accidents and
    emergencies and a database for contacting the parents of children in their
  • If a
    child is not collected, it is mandatory
    that the individual/group contact the parent of the child and wait with the child and another adult
    until someone arrives.
  • Under
    national Child Protection Guidelines, do
    take photos or video tape children without parents written permission
  • Under
    national Child Protection Guidelines do
    be alone with a child under any circumstances. This is for your
    protection and that of the child.
  • In
    the event of a critical incident, contact the emergency services and the
    Principal immediately.









Appendix B

St. Patricks NS

Child Protection Recommendations

For all adults (staff, volunteers, parents, visitors,
extracurricular tutors, etc.) 


Stay Safe guidelines, any physical contact between school personnel and the
child should be in response to the needs of the child and not the needs of the
adult. School personnel should not do things of a personal nature for a child
which the child can do for him/herself.


It is
recommended that you do;
It is
recommended that you don’t;
Read and abide by our Child Protection Policy and
national guidelines.

Notify a teacher of any accident and report in the
Accident book.

Do report any disclosure immediately to the DLP.

Treat every child respectively.

  • Use physical punishment of any kind.
  • Be alone with a child in a closed environment.
  • Leave a child alone in a classroom unattended.
  • Lock classroom doors.
  • Allow the use of inappropriate language or
  • Send a child alone on a message. (in pairs
  • Send Infant children to the toilet from the yard
    alone. (in pairs or with an adult preferably)
  • Lift or handle children inappropriately.(including
    horseplay & tickling)
  • Take photos or video tape children without written
    permission from parents.
  • Change a child’s soiled clothing without another
    adult present. Try to encourage the child to change his/herself.



* If in any doubt regarding a situation
contact the Principal or any teaching staff member.





St Patrick’s National School,


Dublin 18.   

Tel (01) 2954255



Number: 17507F



Appendix C



I have read the Child Protection Guidelines and understand my
responsibilities in this regard.


Signed:____________________________               Date:_____________

I have read the Health & Safety Policy of St. Patrick’s NS and
agree to adhere to procedures outlined.


_____________________________                        Date:__________________

I have read the Critical Incident Policy of St. Patrick’s NS and
agree to adhere to procedures outlined.

Signed:_____________________________             Date:__________________


I have attached my Garda
Clearance to this form.


Yes_____                                No____

If no, why not.


(If you
received Garda Clearance through St. Patrick’s NS in 2012/13, please note