Poetry recital


On Friday the 25th of February. Jennifer Webster very kindly decided along with Ms Byrne that we were going to have a Poetry Recital in our school with 3rd, 4th,
5th and 6th classes  participating in the event. So then each class was given two poems to choose from this year with each poem based on storybooks and authors, as it was World Book Day. Jennifer took small groups at a time to recite the poems and she judged the competition. It was a brilliant day. Thanks so much to Jennifer! We all learned to be confident in speaking in public. Congratulations to all the winners!

Find below the winners and runner ups

3rd class

Winner:  Kate O’ Dowd

Runner up: Peter Keane

Runner up:  Aoife Fitzsimons

              4th class

Winner:  Seán Mooney

Runner up:  Anna Wilson Flynn

Runner up:  Charlie Webster

5th class

Winner:  Stephen Long

Runner up:  Georgia Swan

Runner up:  Cillian Moulton

6th class

Winner: Niamh O’ Dowd

Runner up: Aoife Mc McCarthy

Runner up: Ciarán Hanratty

By Niamh O’ Dowd!