Our World, Irish Aid Awards

On the 23rd of February (Pancake Tuesday) we went to Dublin castle. We went to Dublin castle because we had made this project based on the Millennium Development Goals; we called it Caring for the Planet, Feeding our World. We were one of the eleven finalists out of 450 schools. We started off by looking at the other schools projects; it was pretty
hard to guess which one was the best. After a while we had our lunch. After that we had the ceremony and guess how was hosting the awards? Rob Ross!!  Joe Costello (the Minister of Foreign Affairs) was there too. A few schools sang some songs. Sacred Heart National School from Aughrim, County Wicklow were the overall winners but we still got a fabulous
crystal trophy and a few handshakes from Rob Ross! It was a great day and we
are very proud of what we achieved.

By Stephen Akien 6th class