Carpark Safety: The Student Council have released a Statement on Carpark Safety.

Car Park Safety: A Message from your Student Council!

This November and onwards the Student Council are trying to remind all parents/guardians of the school car park rules.

  • We have noticed over the last 2 months that some parents/guardians have been driving too fast into the car parks and are also parking incorrectly. Please slow down and follow the map guidelines for parking.
  • Young children seem to be walking around without an adult. They are in danger of getting knocked down. Please mind your child.
  • Pickups and drop offs are not allowed at the car park gate or at the front of the school.
  • Drivers have to enter and exit the car park on the correct side of the road.
  • If it is past 3.00pm and you are running a little late, we would advise you to park in Johnny Foxes overflow Car Park to stop cars who are coming out of the Church car park having to reverse back.

As part of this Awareness Campaign, we will be showing the students a powerpoint on  Carpark Safety 2014 that we have designed. They will be learning the Safe Cross Code Song and doing a poster campaign. Let’s all work together to keep our students safe!

Thank you.

St. Patrick’s NS Student Council