Our Trip To The Concert Hall Science In Music

3rd Clas at NCH


By Jessica:

First we went in and had some lunch then we went up stairs and there was a big staircase and one side was blocked off and the side we went up was not and then we went in to a big room and there was another class there.


By Ciara:

First we saw some majestic stairs like from the movie Cinderella. Then we went to the first room and we were singing sounds. Then we got some slinkies and moved them back and forward to make a sound wave. The man put a microphone with a very high pitched noise into a sponge ball. We threw the ball around the room and the sound kind of got lower. Then the man had this gadget with a string attached to it and when he turned it on the string vibrated. We put a torch on the string it looked like a very bad graphics cartoon that part was really cool. Then we went to the next room and the man showed us some interments and then and then we sang a song called [I like Flowers] with the piano. Then we went into the next room and we tested our hearing with this weird machine the man put the sound really low so everyone could hear it then he put it higher and higher until no one could hear it at all! Then we went over to a table and there was a small stand on the table the man put salt on the stand then we got a bow from a violin and stroke the bow on the stand the salt jumped and some salt fell off but the remaining salt on the stand made a really cool shape. Then we went back to the main room and sang Fére Jacques and  that was it.

By Zara:

When we arrived we saw a beautiful chandelier. Then we want up a big majestic stair case. And Then we went into a big room and at the front of the room was a stage and we sat in chairs quietly. After, one side of the room sang frère Jacques and we sang three blind mice. Then we were split into four groups. There was our school and another school at the Concert Hall. The first group was the first two rows of seats. The second was the next two rows. The third group was the next row. And we were group four. There were four rooms to visit. Each group want to one room at a time. The first we went to was a big room with a small stage. They had slikies and we moved the slinkies back and forward to make waves and sound waves. We each go a go. On the stage there was a long string and a vibrating machine was attached on to the string. We turned on the vibrating machine and the srting started to vibrate. We turned off the lights and we put on a torch it looked like they were in the middle of making a movie. Then they had a little microphone and they put the microphone into a little sponge ball. Then the man in the room with us Threw the ball to the other man the sound got lower while it was moving away and the sound got more high pitched when it came back towards us. Then we switched rooms. In the second room there was lots of insterments on a table and there was a piano too. We saw how the piano and the other insterments worked. And then we learned a sone called “I Like the flowers.’’ And in the third room we saw a table and on the table were two miniature tables. On the miniature were some salt. They had a big thick violin bow. They rubbed the violin bow on the miniature table it made a little design with the salt. We went to the next room and there was a little machine. It made high and low pitched noises. Some of our class herd the really high pitched noises like they had super human hearing! Even the teachers couldn’t hear the high pitched sounds! Then we went back to the main room. When we were back in the main room we sang “I like the flowers’’ one more time. And we had a great time at the concert hall!


By Gráinne:

First we sat in some chairs. Then we sang some

songs. We went on the bus to the concert hall. Then we went into groups and there was three rooms. The first room there was string holding two sticks and there was a light flashing at the string and there was a box that it would go faster and faster. Then we went into

the second room there was musical Instruments there was a Tin whistle then there was a piano and then there was a violin then there was some organ pipes then there was a flute then there was a ukalale. Then in the third room there was a big box with a screen and the man had a big microphone that he could speak to it. And we heard some sounds like the waves but the waves went high and low and squeeze together and the children couldn’t hear it. And the sounds changed.


By Chloe:

First we went in to the lobby and sat eating our lunches on the coach at the side of the wall. Then we went up this majestic stairway with a huge chandelier. There were two ways on the stairway the other way did go really high but they had to block it so now there’s a big wall. There was another school there too. We sang ‘three blind mice’ and frère jaque. We were split into two groups and one group sang three blind mice at the same time that we sang Frere Jacque and it sounded ok!

Then they split us into four different groups. We were called the guitars. The first room we went into we sat in a circle and the adults got slinkies and we moved them up and down to make sound waves. In the same room we went beside a table and an adult had a cut in half ball and put something that made a really loud sound in it and then threw it to the other end of the room. It made a sound like an aeroplane crashing and they had a big string and a machine attached to it and made it move up and down. Then they put a tourch and switched off the lights and shone the torch on the string and it looked like waves. In the second room we got to see the inside of a piano and try new instruments. We sang a song it was called “I like the flowers”.

I like the flowers,

I like the daffodils,

I like the mountains,

I like the rolling hills,

I like the fireside,

When the lights are low,

OOm a dary, oom a dary, oom a dary, oom a dary.

Then we went into a third room. When we went in first we sat down and there was a thing like there is in the hospital or something and it was attached to a machine and turned a switch and he kept on turning it higher until you couldn’t hear it. Then we went over to the other side of the room and there was salt on plates and a bow and they played the bow on the plate and it made a pattern. Then we went out “And the bus was late”. Then we went back to school!