We are eager participants here in St. Patrick’s N.S. when it comes to taking part in the Discover Primary Science Programme. Our pupils prove to be very enthusiastic young scientists when it comes to making exploding rockets, racing balloons or investigating their lung capacity to mention but a few. We have been taking part since 2002 and believe it is of great value to all of us in supporting the aims of S.E.S.E. in the curriculum.

How it works

The Discover Primary Science programme is intended to be an invaluable resource for teachers and students alike by helping large numbers of young children to understand that science isn’t just about people in white coats carrying out difficult experiments. It’s about fun, discovery and adventure, and it is something which is fundamentally relevant to our everyday lives.

Award of Science Excellence

We have worked hard at winning this prestigious award for the last four years. This involves all classes engaging in science activities & experiments throughout the year including field trips, Science Fairs and participating in National Science Week. We often invite scientists and other speakers to our school and have completed a number of workshops on Bio-diversity, Climate Change, Composting, Tree & Seed Planting, Living Things and Forces.

Science at Home

Parents and children can enjoy some of the activities experienced in class at the Discover Primary Science website which has fun links for kids. Check out  www.primaryscience.ie