In maths the other day we completed Tarsias. A Tarsia is a shaped jigsaw like puzzle.

6th class maths - Tarsias_1

The tarsias we did were in the shape of a triangle. What you do is the whole big triangle is made up of little triangles and each little triangle had something written on each side. The little triangle would attach to each other by these. Say on one of your triangles one of the sides had 2 x 3 then you would find the side of another triangle that said 6, or if one of them said 2.5 litres, then you would the side that said the answer 2500 millilitres would match it. Eventually you would get the whole triangle made correctly. Some people found them easy but other people took ages and found them hard.

6th class maths - Tarsias_2

Then afterwards we made our own rectangular Tarsias on fractions, decimal and percentage equivalents and we got other people to make them. It was so much more fun than normal maths sums!

6th class maths - Tarsias_3

By Kate Redden 6th class