National Children’s Choir – Songs

Our 5th and 6th class pupils are currently practicing for the National Children’s Choir performance due to take place in April 2017. We can all now enjoy the beautiful tunes that are being rehearsed, below are the Alto and Soprano versions:


01 Moon River Soprano

02 Oro Se Do Bheatha Soprano

03 Alleluia Soprano

04 Lightning Soprano


05 Fill A Run Soprano

06 Morning Glory Soprano

07 May We Never Have To Say Goodbye Soprano

08 Panis Angelicus Soprano

09 From A Distance Soprano

10 Don’t Stop Me Now Soprano

11 Eatnemen Vuelie Soprano

12 Fionnghuala Soprano

13 Nella Fantasia Soprano

14 When I Grow Up Soprano

15 My Sunshine Soprano



01 Moon River Instrumental

02 Oro Se Do Bheatha Instrumental

03 Alleluia Instrumental

04 Lightning Instrumental

05 Fill A Run Instrumental


06 Morning Glory Instrumental

07 May We Never Have To Say Goodbye Instrumental

08 Panis Angelicus Instrumental

09 From A Distance Instrumental

10 Don’t Stop Me Now Instrumental

11 Eatnemen Vuelie Instrumental

12 Fionnghuala Instrumental

13 Nella Fantasia Instrumental

14 When I Grow Up Instrumental

15 My Sunshine Instrumental



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