Ms. McCarthy’s Class News

Ms. McCarthy’s class have been very busy lately! During Science week, we explored winter and hibernation – we investigated how and why some animals hibernate. We designed a den for a hibernating animal thinking about what materials to use and where he would most like to sleep.  Then we constructed our den using playdough or lego! 

We also explored houses and homes and why we need them. We thought about different types of houses and homes and we drew our favourite room in the house. We sequenced the story Hansel and Gretel and Senior Infants interviewed an older relative about their own home long ago. 

As part of Christmas art we created rainbow Christmas trees and we drew step-by-step reindeer portraits! 

In maths and numeracy, we have explored shape – we revised 2D shapes and introduced 3D shapes to Senior Infants while Junior Infants listened along. We worked out how many edges, corners and faces each shape has and looked for examples of shapes around the room. Senior Infants explored making tangram pictures using their shapes!

As Gaeilge, we have been investigating cad atá sa bhosca bréagán – rothar, eitleán, ríomhaire, leabhar, bricí, bád, bábóg…We enjoy playing éist agus dathaigh and Deir ó Grádaigh!

We have been learning the Christmas rhyme ‘When Santa got stuck up the Chimney’ and the song ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’! Merry Christmas!

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