Cyberweek & Safer Internet Day at St. Patrick’s NS

6th– 10th February

Parent’s Information

This year to coincide with Safer Internet Day, our pupils IT committee have organised a Cyberweek. This week will include coding activities, digital skills lessons, Stay Safe lessons on Cyberbullying, pupil competitions and more. 3rd & 4th will participate in an Internet Safety workshop with parent and Microsoft volunteer Emma Vard, focusing on the safe use of the internet, cyberbullying & appropriate disclosure via technology. 5th class will have a Cyberbullying talk from the community Gardai while 6th class will complete cyberbullying lessons from the Webwise programme.

It is a timely reminder for parents to review internet safety procedures in the home. We suggest the following links to advise you on any queries you as a parent may have regarding the internet and your child.

Snapchat; 6 things parents need to know about Snapchat:

Facebook; How to become a Facebook safety parent:

Instagram explained:

Kik; What is it?


Stay Safe: Cyberbullying is part of the Bullying programme for 3rd – 6th class and parents can see these lessons and resources at

We recommend that parents examine the Parents section of for tips while family Internet Safety supports for parents can be found at .

Our NPC rep Linda Nolan is currently organising a course for Parents on this topic and as soon as we have details, we let you all know.