Environmental Education Workshops

Environmental Education Workshops

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class were very excited to start this five week work shop with Aoife Munn yesterday. She will cover a range of topics including weather and climate, bio-diversity, water and air quality and how we can share what we learn with the wider community by making posters.

Today Aoife showed us how to make little pots made from newspaper! We all got to plant lettuce seeds in the raised beds in our garden. We also gathered fruits and seeds from the garden- elderberries, helicopter seeds, rose hips, and even a few strawberries! We learned the 5 ways that seeds are dispersed:

  • animals and birds eating fruits and pooing the seeds somewhere else !
  • The Wind
  • Water
  • Hitchhiking- these are sticky seeds
  • Exploding fruits like the poppy

We are looking forward to next week- Thank you Aoife




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