Before Christmas we had the Christmas Crackalanza, It was a
talent show a bit like Britain’s got talent but in Glencullen and that there
was no judges. There were lots of different talents. Singing, dancing, magic
even a DJ! Everyone was practising all week the result was that it was very
interesting. There was The Nice Guys, performing gangnam style
(RESULT=hilarious!) there was Sean Doyle as a DJ (he got everyone to dance.)
There was a Christmas fashion show (Ps. The winner was Mrs. Claus.) There was
also a return of the Dublin grannies keeping everyone entertained. It was a lot
like Glencullen’s Got Talent at summer but with a Christmas twist. It was very
entertaining but it seemed so short. (Maybe because it was so fun you know time
fly’s when your having fun.J)
It was so fun, I hope we can do it again!


Kate Redden