Centenary Celebrations

What a busy month we had in March, celebrating 100 years since the historical 1916 Rising.

Our students engaged in age appropriate study of this historic event, including;

  • Junior & Senior Infants: School Days
  • 1st & 2nd class: Family Life in 1916
  • 3rd & 4th class: Community & Cultural Life in 1916
  • 5th & 6th class: an in-depth study into the history of 1916 & events that occurred locally in Glencullen at this time

While our senior classes examined the 1916 Proclamation, 4th and 6th class both wrote their own Proclamation for a New Generation, a copy of which can be found on our website.

The Proclamation
The Proclamation

Because Ireland is known globally for our talents in the Arts, we delighted in Irish traditional songs, music and dance. We also held a whole school art competition with each class using different mediums and themes to express what they and learned over the month. Congratulations to all our winners;

1916_art_6 1916_art_5 1916_art_4

1916_art_3 1916_art_2

  1st place Runner Up
J. Inf. Leon O’ Dwyer Zara Simpson
S. Inf. Kate Annabelle Reaper Abi Mc Geown
1st class Adam Greenlee Anna Blanchard
2nd class Lyhn Reville Jesse Duffy
3rd class Marco Alonzi Alai Gill
4th class Kelliann Coughlan Ruby Swan
5th class Holy Gilmer Christian Vard
6th class Lily May Craig John Van Der Linde


At home, families created wonderful ancestry projects, tracing back their family trees to 1916 and sharing special stories from within their families from this time period. All of these amazing projects are hanging in the corridors of our school for all to see. We then had a fun Ancestry Treasure Hunt around our school, using clues from all of the projects.

Ancestry_trees Ancestry_tree_9 Ancestry_tree_8

Ancestry_tree_7 Ancestry_tree_6 Ancestry_tree_5

Ancestry_tree_4 Ancestry_tree_3 Ancestry_tree_2

Building the GPO.

Building the GPO Building the GPO_WIP Building the GPO_WIP_2

Parents and members of the Glencullen community joined us on for Proclamation Day on March 15th. We celebrated through music, drama, dance, historical recounts and much more. Two of our pupils, Marco Alonzi and Riona Moulton, raised the Tricolour and we all proudly sung our national anthem, Amhrain na bhFiann.

Marco_Rona_Denis_Raising the Flag

Afterwards parents and community members toured our corridors and viewed the Ancestry projects, class projects and art work.

Proclammation Day 1916 commemoration day_SenInfs 1916 commemoration day_School Hall

1916 commemoration day_Noah 1916 commemoration day_Juniors 1916 commemoration day_Handley Family Project

1916 commemoration day_3rd_4th_ClassJPG 1916 commemoration day_2ndClass 1916 commemoration day_1stClass

This was a very special time in our national history and a wonderfully enjoyable period in our school’s history. Here’s to the next 100 years, where our young people will guide the way forward!


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