On Monday the 15th of October Breandán Ó Riain, Aoife’s nephew & a Super League Basketball player, came to our school.  He played for under19’s Ireland team and  he trained in USA under a scholarship. The reason he came in was to train us for the basketball match on Friday we are playing against Holy Trinity this Friday. The last time they came to our school grounds they trashed use 24-9 but we are very determined to win this time. We are going to be very careful in defence and try to get lots and lots
of hoops this time so we might win the match against Holy Trinity. Breandán Ó Riain
was teaching us to get our positions right and shoot hoops too. First we started with our stance and he taught us how to dodge tacklers and do a diagonal degree pass or just a spine pass to our teammate. He said to us to try the best you can and it will count.

Go team Pats; you can win this time!!