3rd Class Study The Book of Kells

We had a very interesting time learning about the Monks and their lives in the monasteries long ago. Ms. Quigley was very excited and so pleased with all our creative writing and art work as well as all the history we explored learning about the history of ‘The Book of Kells’ that she entered our work into a competition that Trinity College are running. If we win we get a free tour but either way We are going to visit Trinity in the June and see some of the folios and illuminations (pages and pictures!) of the Book of Kells and visit the zoological museum in Trinity.

We learned how vellum was made and how Colmcille set up his monastery on Iona after leaving Ireland. We also learned how to create copper oxide which the monks used to make Verdigris ( green colour) for their illuminations.

We really enjoyed the film ‘The Secret of Kells’ also.


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