4th Class School Trip: The Best Fun In Baltinglass – by Dan Walsh

The Best Fun In Baltinglass

When 4th class from St Patricks N.S. went to Baltinglass Co. Wicklow, they had the most fun!


First they went to the NEW ZIPLINE. They were the first people to go on the zipline. It was so cool and they had a lot of fun.

4th_Baltinglass_zipline 4th_Baltinglass_zipx

After the zipline they went to rock climbing indoors because it was Too wet to climb the outdoors one!

4th_Baltinglass_the wall 4th_Baltinglass_wall

When the rock climbing finished they had a little treat and then went orienteering.

4th_Baltinglass Tour

At the orienteering they all did well but Team Sideboyz got the 4th class record. So that means Niall, Craig, Dan, Marco and Nathan are the fastest team in 4th class EVER.

After orienteering they went to have food (sausages and chips) the chips were amazing.

After food they went KAYAKING. It was such fun and after races and ‘Simon Says’, they got out of the kayaks and started to swim in the water! They used the kayaks as slides and did the ‘Mexican Wave’ by falling backwards in the water.


So that was Baltinglass for 4th class.

They had a blast! By Dan Walsh (reporter at the scene) (photographer: S. Q.)

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